Frank Jalbert Frank Jalbert
In 1972, at the age of 27, Frank Jalbert had an ambition to publish a New Hampshire magazine. Like many entrepreneurs before him, he jumped right in and never looked back. Frank rented out a space on Canal Street in Nashua, New Hampshire, and the first Copy Shop location was born. Frank purchased all of the equipment he needed to create and print the magazine without even knowing how to operate it!  He put in countless hours teaching himself all he needed to know.  After a few months, he made the decision to branch out and print materials for other companies. By 1988, The Copy Shop grew to 7 locations between New Hampshire and Massachusetts - providing a variety of copying and printing options to our customers. With the support of his family, Frank’s dream changed into the very successful company we know today. Frank remains in charge of the printing side of our company, and entrusts the future of the business to his family.
Ben Jalbert Ben Jalbert
The son of The Copy Shop’s founder, Ben grew up in the family business.  During the late 80’s into the early 90’s Ben worked in a division of the company called Ben & Frank’s office furniture. Throughout high school, Ben split his time between delivering orders to customers and re-stocking office supplies in the retail stores. After studying at the Whitemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, he started full time at The Copy Shop in 1996.  Ben wanted to learn all about the printing side of the business, aspiring to run the day to day operations. He likes working with customers and seeing their jobs through to the end. “In a typical day I wear many hats, it keeps my job exciting. I could be quoting upcoming projects one day, and the next I could be running a machine in the press room.” Ben feels proud to be a part of his family’s company which is celebrating 41 years in business. Establishing his morals and work ethic early, Ben has always made it a point to provide excellent service to all Copy Shop customers. Above and beyond Ben’s responsibilities at The Copy Shop, he holds a seat on the board of directors at the Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley.
Artie Nichols Artie Nichols
Graphic Designer
Our newest employee at The Copy Shop, Artie brings professionalism and knowledge in the growing dynamic field of graphic design. Artie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School of Visual Arts in New York City and a Graphic Design diploma from Hesser College in Nashua. Over the past seven years, Artie has created brilliant unique work for The Copy Shop and our clients. Artie always wanted to find a professional career where he could apply his knowledge and artistic abilities. While working and finishing school he heard of the opening at The Copy Shop. “I like that the shop has many different clients with wide ranging needs. It provides a variety of jobs to work on. One day I could be working on a business card for a painter, and the next I’m designing a catalog for a large machining company.” For Artie, working at a family business allows him to get to know co-workers on a more intimate level. This builds a higher level of trust which allows Artie the artistic license needed to create truly one of a kind and magnificent work. Prior to his career with us, Artie used his talent to help animate a skit that appeared on Saturday Night Live.
Jennifer Jalbert Crook
Customer Service
Jennifer has worked at The Copy Shop for over 25 years!  She started working summers, helping us fulfill the company’s goals.  After completing school, Jen chose to start her career with us.  The pride and devotion Jen shows in her work runs deeper than that of an employee - she was there at the beginning and she understands the level of commitment it takes to make The Copy Shop the best. Jen loves the face to face interaction and seeing our regular customers. Jen greatly enjoys helping customers work through their projects and she finds immense pleasure in seeing the progression of a project from start to finish. Working in the family business has always meant that Jen works together with everyone as a team to ensure the quality of our work and the success of our business. Jen has contributed greatly to the progression and growth of the company and we are proud to have her as part of the team.
Karen Britko Karen Britko
Customer Service
Karen joined The Copy Shop team in 1997. 16 years later she continues to bring a love for customer interaction, and the drive to provide excellent service. The Copy Shop’s roots as a family business appealed greatly to Karen, who had prior experience in a similar setting. She started from the ground up; working part time, helping out around the store. When the opportunity arose, Karen began working full time at The Copy Shop. Through hands on experience, she quickly became a familiar face when customers entered the store. Karen enjoys seeing all returning customers and always looks forward to getting to know new faces. When asked about how she feels working in a family owned business Karen says, “I feel as though I’ve become part of the family, I’ve been here so long and know them all so well.”
Macy Jalbert Macy Jalbert
Customer Service
When you enter The Copy Shop, more often than not, you will be greeted by our lovable golden doodle. Macy is a 4 year old cross between a miniature poodle and golden retriever; she brings both the love and intelligence of each breed. Macy is also hypo-allergenic so there is no problem with allergies. Her signature move is running up and putting her front paws on the counter, as if to assist customers with their orders. We were very lucky with Macy; she embodies all that The Copy Shop was built around: family, friendliness, and hard work. Plus, she’s extremely cute. Come down to The Copy Shop to complete your orders, but also come say hello to Macy. She’ll be sure to help you find our complementary cookies, brownies and coffee!

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